Sad End of a Great Bowler : Saeed Ajmal breaks down in tears on his retirement

Saeed Ajmal was one of the finest spin bowlers of Pakistan and International Cricket. He added more refinement to Doosra. His googly was so deceptive even world’s finest batsman could not spot his variations. But sadly,like any movie, the ending is not ‘happy’. Yesterday he announced his retirement with a heavy heart and tears in his eyes.

Why tears ? Because ICC played unfair with him and destroyed his career. Not only that PCB also come up in his support and let his career ruined by ICC’s unjust ban on his action. He could be seen complaining about PCB’s behavior in this video. So long Saeed Ajmal, you were the one of the best bowlers Pakistan has ever produced in the game of Cricket. 🙁 | PakDestiny

Watch Video : Sad End of Great Bowler : Saeed Ajmal breaks down in tears on his retirement 

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