Saman Kamran’s ‘See Through the Sin’ — a welcome addition to stop-motion animation — taking art of story telling to next level

Saman Kamran's 'See Through the Sin' -- a welcome addition to stop-motion animation -- taking art of story telling to next level

By Zulqernain

    The world of creative expression, artists continually find innovative ways to convey complex emotions and narratives.

    One such artist, filmmaker and Producer at PTV Saman Kamran, graduate from the National College of Arts (NCA), has taken the art of storytelling to a new level with her mastery of stop-motion animation.

    Her notable work includes the music video for the Pakistani grunge band Skehlaaj’s song “See Through the Sin,” a visual masterpiece that encapsulates a myriad of emotions and themes.

   In the realm of creative artistry, the fusion of innovative storytelling and captivating visuals can often lead to the creation of masterpieces that resonate deeply with audiences. One such creative visionary, Saman Kamran, a filmmaker and producer at Pakistan Television, has ventured into uncharted territory with her exceptional work in stop-motion animation.

    Graduating from the prestigious National College of Arts (NCA), Saman has recently brought her talents to the fore through the production of a remarkable stop-motion music video with a hauntingly dark theme. This pioneering project has paved the way for the exploration of new avenues within Pakistan’s creative landscape.

   The endeavor to combine music and animation through the stop-motion technique is a unique feat in itself. Notably, stop-motion animation is a meticulous process that demands patience and precision. In a country where such experimentation remains relatively uncharted, Saman’s initiative stands as a testament to her artistic daring.

    Collaborating with a team of skilled and imaginative professionals, Saman’s vision for the music video “See Through the Sin” has come to fruition. The collective effort of these talented individuals has contributed to the creation of a captivating art piece that resonates with audiences on multiple levels.

    The creation of the music video was not a swift process; rather, it was a labor of love that spanned six months from conceptualization to execution. The attention to detail and commitment invested by the team shines through in the final product, attesting to their dedication and passion.

Saman Kamran, film maker and producer

  Spearheaded by director Saman Kamran, the project involved a cast of creative minds, each contributing their expertise to different aspects of the production. Executive producer Arsal Amir, in collaboration with Quicxd Production, played a pivotal role in bringing the project to life. Cinematography by Sarmad Shafique, art direction by Bushra Sultan, and prop design by Shahnur Shezad added depth and authenticity to the visual narrative.

   The intricate post-pandemic, apocalyptic narrative of the video unfolds within an abandoned house, focusing on a soldier who is grappling with isolation and psychological turmoil. Saman’s directorial prowess captures the nuances of the protagonist’s inner turmoil, painting a poignant picture of a survivor’s plight.

   The visual narrative is further enhanced by the meticulous set design, scaled down to puppet size, which amplifies the authenticity of the stop-motion process. The juxtaposition of the physical set with the hauntingly atmospheric visual storytelling lends the video a unique and immersive quality.

  “See Through the Sin” delves into the protagonist’s psyche, exploring his memories, longing, and his battle against despair. The symbolic elements woven into the storyline—the photographs, the pet, and the coffin—all contribute to a multi-layered narrative that elicits contemplation on the fragility of existence.

    In a bold departure from the ordinary, Saman Kamran’s stop-motion music video “See Through the Sin” has not only pushed artistic boundaries but also paved the way for new avenues of storytelling within Pakistan’s creative landscape. As an artist unafraid to explore the depths of human emotions, Saman’s work serves as a reminder of the power of creative expression to evoke thought, emotion, and introspection.

      It got selected for different festivals. “See Through the Sin 2022”: Official selection for Lift-Off Film Festival (UK Pinewoods, Hollywood) 2022.

    See Through the Sin: Official selection for PL Music Video Awards 2022.

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