Love Story of Two Girls Saman & Kiran

(PakDestiny) An unusual and unique incident happened in Jalalpur Jattan, Gujrat district. Same-Sex Marriage : Its a story of two friends Saman and Kiran. Their friendship turned into love and and they both decided to run away from homes and get married. But both of them got arrested from Karachi and police have register FIR and brought them back to Jalalpur Jattan, Gujrat.

Later on Saman’s mother has leveled allegation on Kiran and accused Kiran of kidnapping Saman to get married with her.

Though at the end of this report Kiran claimed she has cut her hair on Saman’s mother’s wish but that statement left few questions unanswered. Why Saman’s mother asked Kiran to cut her hair?  Overall its a bit confusing story but lets wait for the story to be unfolded.


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