Sarfraz accepts Kohli’s challenge in ‘Big Takra’ in Birmingham on June 4

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By Kiran Bokhari

(Pak Destiny) There will be a ‘Big Takra’ between Pakistan and India on June 4 in ICC Champions Trophy 2017 opener in Birmingham.

“We will see the Indians and give our best to out play them,” Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Sarfraz Ahmed told Pak Destiny. He said: “We accept the challenge of Virat Kohli (Indian captain) and give our 100 per cent to out perform India,” he said, adding the boys are fully prepared for the tournament and having good practice sessions.

Kohli throwing a challenge to Sarfraz saying India always performed well against Pakistan and this time there will be no exception of Sarfraz guys.  He told Indian media today that “India-Pakistan game is  just another game and the team will prepare for it the same way as it does for any other.”
“India-Pakistan game is always exciting for the fans. Yes, the atmosphere is different but as cricketers, it’s just a game of cricket for us. The hype created around is not in our control. We prepare the same way for every other game. The atmosphere in the stadium is different but in our heads, nothing really changes whether you are playing Australia, England or South Africa.”

While Kohli is banking on experienced duo –  MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh – Sarfraz is expecting Ahmed Shahzad and Mohammad Amir to give their best in the opener against India. Let’s see who emerge victorious in this “Big Takra”. – Pak Destiny


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