Match-fixer Amir fails to save Pakistan from humiliation in England, Sethi, Sharyar should now go home

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By Sarmad Ali

(  Despite Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s embracing ‘spot-fixer’ Muhammad Amir today he could not save the Pakistani cricket team the ignominy it faced in England.

England made 444, the highest ever in the cricket history in the third of the five match One-Day International (ODI) series at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, battering Amir and company telling the PCB that its spot-fixer cannot save it from humiliation.

PCB chairman Sharyar Khan and stalwart Najam Sethi’s decision to ‘forgive and allow’ notorious trio – Amir, Asif and Salman Butt – to enter in the Pakistani team, is causing more embarrassment for Pakistan.

Today it has been proved that the tainted Amir could not prove a savior. Najam Sethi’s other favourites – Shoiab Malik and Azhar Ali – also proved a spent force and should be sent home without any further experiment.

Pakistan faced humiliating defeat in T20 World Cup this year but Nawaz Sharif, patron-in-chief PCB, refused to sack Sethi or Sharyar Khan. Will Sethi or Sharyar accept the historical defeat in Tent Bridge where England buried PCB-blue eyed under 444. – Pak Destiny


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