Scathing bashing of ISI continues by Geo and Indian media – where is ISI?

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, April 20 (Pak Destiny) While Geo group and Indian media have been doing ISI bashing since TV anchor Hamid Mir was attacked, the Geo group has demanded resignation of DG ISI chief Zaheerul Islam.

Led by Dr Amer Liaqut Hussain the Geo anchors except Salim Safi took on the ISI which is blamed for attacking Mir.
Suddenly, the Geo claimed Hamid suffered six bullets not three. Ansar Abbasi demanded resignation of the ISI chief without any delay. Anchor Iftikhar Ahmed said if ISI chief is accused he must step down and face trial.
The way the group anchors targeting ISI along with Indian media it appears the ISI is not the ISI which is known by many.
Columnist Haroon Rashid expressed his utter disappointment on ISI ‘weak’ response to its media bashing by a Pakistani media group.
“Why ISI is behaving so weakly and meekly? Why it not defending itself strongly?” Rashid asked.
Let’s see if ISI doesn’t mind being bashed by local media channel and international especially India. – Pak Destiny

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