Sethi warns ISI of banning Geo in Cantts, commits another contempt of court

By Irfan Syed
Islamabad, April 26 (Pak Destiny) As per Pak Destiny’s story that Jang group management has contacted its ‘illegitimate’ patron – Iftikhar Chaudhry – to bail it out, Geo anchor and PCB chairman Najam Sethi has confirmed that judiciary is onboard, warning the ISI to lift the ban on Geo in cantonment areas of the country otherwise the judiciary will do it.

In his talk show “Apis ki baat” on Friday Sethi told ISI about the Geo-judiciary friendship.
“I ask the ISI to lift ban on Geo in cantonment areas otherwise the judiciary will do it,” Sethi said and further warned that ISI cannot ban Geo as media has become very powerful.
It means Iftikhar Chaudhry has given go ahead to Jang group that is why Sethi so confidently warning ISI that judiciary is all set to go against ISI.
This is outrageous how could Sethi gives verdict on behalf of judiciary. His words show that judiciary is hand in glove with Geo which is contempt of court. Will judiciary take action against him.
Let’s see how ISI takes this warning of “judicial onslaught” by Sethi. – Pak Destiny

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