Shahbaz Gill pays the price for the attack on PMLN leaders — it was top trend on social media — both PTI and PMLN have drawn daggers

Shahbaz Gill pays the price for the attack on PMLN leaders -- it was top trend on social media -- both PTI and PMLN have drawn daggers

By Irum Saleem

It was interesting to see three top Twitter trends on social media on Monday.
Those were — Shahbaz GIll ka mun kala (Blacken the face of Shahbaz Gill), Jaddu Garni ka kuttay ka mun kala and Maryam Nawaz kay kuttun ka hamla.

Interestingly the PMLN Patwaris beat PTI Youthias on the Twitter with 40,000 tweets and 30,000 tweets, respectively. A day long finght continued with the PML-N and PTI supporters on the social media.

PMLN supporters said they have taken revenge of its leadership assaulted by PTI supporters in Islamabad a week ago.
When Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Affairs (SAPM) Shahbaz Gill came to the court for Monday’s hearing on the petition, PML-N workers threw eggs and ink on him. Ink also entered his one eye and he had a bandage on it after that. After the assault, Gill used a dirty language against the PMLN leadership.

The Lahore High Court had summoned Gill on a petition by Turkish citizens Cemil Senocak and Yemen Yemenoglu. The police registered the first information report on Jan 13 against the petitioners under sections 419, 420, 468, and 471 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) against Gill. Gill allegedly used his political position to get a fabricated case registered against the Turkish citizens.

A criminal complaint under defamation charge is also pending against Gill by M/s Platform Turizm Tasimacilik, a subsidiary of Al-Bayrak Group of companies. The company sought action against the special assistant under sections 499 and 500 of the PPC for levelling false allegations against it.Gill has got arrested three PML-N workers for throwing ink on him.

A social media user said: “Respect is not served it is earned. @SHABAZGIL uses foul language against our leaders all the time whereas his performance is null. People did what he deserve. They are scared to face the public whom they claim to have mandate of. شہبازگلکامنہکالا “

I. Ahmed said: “I’m not supporting it, however this may not have happened if PTI leadership could have criticized the act of their workers against Maryam and Ahsan Sahb in ISB instead of supporting them. #شہبازگلکامنہکالا “
This thing has to be stopped here otherwise we soon witness many political leaders coming under attack from political rivals. PAK DESTINY

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