Sharif not happy with Modi for charge sheeting Pakistan

By Sarmad Ali
Islamabad, May 29 (Pak Destiny) Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is reportedly not happy with Indian counterpart Narender Modi for “charge sheeting Pakistan” during his tour of India.

A close aide to the Sharif family told Pak Destiny that PM Sharif was not expecting that Modi would be so blunt on his first interaction with him by issuing a five-point statement demanding Pakistan to do more to curb terror groups.
“Mr Sharif was expecting that Modi would confine to peace talks at their first encounter but the latter did point scoring on the issue of terrorism.”
Sharif said he talked about Lahore Declaration with Modi. He did so as Kashmir does feature emphatically in Lahore Declaration to tell the India counterpart that he would talk on the thorny issue later but that too didn’t go well as per plan.
Now Indian media is gloating about Modi’s good show in the face of poor performance of his counterpart. Pak Destiny

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