Sharif, Zardari seeking Saudi Arabia, US help to save ‘democracy’ in Pakistan

By Sarmad Ali
Islamabad, July 24 (Pak Destiny) Prime Nawaz Sharif and former president Asif Ali Zardari are making hectic efforts to save the PML-N government.
Sharif is meeting with Saudi royals while Zardari is busy getting help from the Americans to protect ‘democracy’ in Pakistan in case the establishment makes up its mind to send the PML-N government home.
Sources told Pak Destiny that PM Sharif was perturbed over reports that PTI chairman Imran Khan has the backing establishment and he may dethrone him on Aug 14 by taking out a long march.
“Sharif requested Zardari to go the United States and meanwhile he goes to Saudia to speak to the ‘guarantors’ of democracy for their help,” the sources said.
Zardari had met US vice-president Joe Biden and reportedly talked about the threats Pak democracy is facing and sought Obama administration’s help to protect it.
Let’s see if both Sharif and Zardari succeed in their efforts. – Pak Destiny

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