Sharifs to play their last card: Imran’s house arrest

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, Aug 7 (PakDestiny) After Tahirul Qadri, the PML-N government has decided to put PTI chairman Imran Khan under house arrest to stop him from leading the long march.
Sources privy to the development told Pak Destiny that the PML-N government after failing to convince Khan to call off his long march has decided to put him under house arrest. “The PML-N has no other option but to house arrest him to deal with his long march threat,” the sources said.
Qadri is already under house arrest. “Allowing Imran for his long march means sending the Sharifs home. The government cannot afford this. Soon the activists of Imran’s PTI will also be detained,” the sources said.
Imran Khan has already warned the Sharifs that if they detained him his party would block the whole country. Lets see how things turn around. Pak Destiny

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