Sharmeen vs Naveeda – the good and bad?

By Iram Salim

( Will Pakistan media madly celebrate the arrest of Pakistani Britain’s first female Muslim Lord Mayor like that of Sharmeen Ubaid Chinoy? Pak media chose to blackout what Naveeda Akbar done.

Naveeda Ikram, a 42-year-old Pakistani born, assumed her role in 2011 but was suspended by her party amid allegations of “financial irregularities” last year.
Britain’s first Pakistani-born, Muslim Lord mayor under investigation for ‘financial irregularities’
The former Lord Mayor of Bradford was arrested and questioned by officers in Halifax, West Yorkshire last week where she denied the allegations. She later emphasised that she has not been charged with anything.
“This is a very difficult time for myself, my family, friends and children,” the mother-of three said. “To avoid any prejudice or bias, it would be best to avoid speculation on social media, Twitter and Facebook,” she said, adding, “I will be hopefully exonerated… No, not hopefully – I will be exonerated.”
Ikram, who was elected to Bradford Council in 2004, said she had been pressing the police to conclude their probe. ”The past four months I have been asking the police to expedite the matter and carry out the investigation as soon as possible. That is what they are doing.”
She added, ”I want to continued as a committed councillor and to continue with my work.”
Earlier, it was revealed hat Ikram was being probed by the police over allegations of ‘financial irregularities’ it was revealed today. The party moved to suspend her until the investigation concluded.
Pak media used to celebrate whenever some Pakistani does good work abroad or earn good name for the country but does not say a word when dome of its fellows earns bad name for the country. Pak Destiny

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