Sharmeen’s fall from grace

By Sadia Shah

Lahore, June 29 ( Sharmeen Chinoy, the lady who shot to fame after winning Oscar for her documentary “Saving Face” these days is facing severe criticism for not paying dues to the central character of her film.

Rukhsana Bibi the central character of “Saving Face” is living a tough life for financial crisis as she has not been given her promised money.

She blamed that Sharmeen harassed her to give divorce to her husband. She says that Saving Face team has taken her thumb prints on blank paper.

The film that earned millions world wide have still not paid agreed amount to central character.

Rukhsana Says, Sharmeen collected huge amount from NGO’s but that is not spent on her treatment. She has three children, all below 10.

Sharmeen made millions from the documentary. We hope she pays the promised money to Rukhsana.

Nawa-i-Waqt columnist Ajmal Niazi is staunch critic of Sharmeen as he said she defamed the country for making fast bucks.

However Jang’s Monu Bhai asks her to help Rukhsana like women rather misusing them. (

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