Sharmila-Hasham wedding finalised: Pak Destiny broke the story months earlier

Lahore, Jan 25 (www.pakdestiny) As predicted by Pak Destiny months earlier, Sharmila Farooqi is going to get engaged on March 3, with President Zardari’s private secretary Hasham Riaz.
Hasham is the son of former additional director Ahmed Riaz Sheikh. Sheikh is close friend of Zardari.
Pak Destiny several months ago had broken the story of Sharmila-Hasham love affair and the couple’s marriage plan.
Hasham, who is younger to Sharmila, did not listen to his family which was opposing his choice
The couple is expected to tie the knot this year.
Pak Destiny wishes good luck to the couple. – Pak Destiny

PakDestiny’s Story published on May 10,2012

May 10, 2012

Wedding Bells For Sharmila


By Sadia Shah

Lahore, May 10 ( Farooqi has finally found a man of her choice and she is going to get married soon.

Her prince charming meets her criterion – wealthy and not bald. The young lad is from the PPP. Hasham Riaz, son of President Zardari’s close friend Ahmed Riaz Sheikh.

A source close to the couple informed that Ms Sharmila had done all the shopping from abroad and she is happy to have Mr Hasham. Hasham is also deeply in love with Ms Sharmila and in spite of all opposition from some members of his family he is determined to get her dream girl. wishes the couple a very happy married life (which is not possible … in practical life)

Sharmila while talking to one of the local televisions said she would never marry a man with ‘less hair and less money’. “I will marry someone who can afford my extravagances and bear with my attitude.”

Sharmila says she is a bollywood girl. Her favorite hero in bollywood is John Abrahim. She loves romantic movies and her dream date venue is in Venice. Her favorite song is “hum tum ak kamrey ma band hu aur chabi kho jai”

She says she ignores those poor politicians who try to flirt with her.

Sharmila has emerged stronger from her time in jail when she and her mother were detained for nine months in 1998 and 2000 after her family was accused of corruption by the government of then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Her family was extensively investigated by officers of the NAB, FIA and harassed by Sharifs’ Saifur Rehman.


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