Standoff between ISI and Jang group continues as the latter refuses to sack its three main journalists

By Iram Salim
Lahore, July 15 (Pak Destiny) The standoff between the Jan/Geo media group and ISI still continues as the former does not agree to sack a bunch of ‘unwanted’ journalists.
According to sources, the ISI had asked Mir Shakilur Rehman through ‘some common friends’ to fire journalists like Amer Mir, Ansar Abbasi and Umer Cheema.
Amer Mir had directly accused ISI chief Zaheerul Islam of his involvement in the attack on his brother Hamid Mir while Abbasi demanded resignation of Mr Islam in the wake of the Mir incident.
Ansar Abbasi and Umer Cheema also used to target the ISI in their follow-up articles.
“Mir Shakilur Rehman had discussed the matter with his team and a powerful government minister who had called on him in Dubai but he was advised against sacking them,” sources said.
They said both Mir brothers and Ansar Abbasi are also blue-eyed of the PML-N leadership. “The PML-N wants these guys to continue supporting them on the platform of Jang and Geo,” they said.
The sources said unless these journalists are sacked there are no chances of reconciliation between the Jang group and ISI. The Defence ministry now wants cancellation of Geo News licence. — Pak Destiny


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