Talat’s stupid mistake lets Geo down again, considering action against the ‘cub-anchor’

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Like Dr Shaista Wahdi, anchor Talat Hussain’s ‘stupid’ mistake again let down Geo media group, forcing it to apologize the public for hurting their sentiments.

So-called seasoned anchor Talat who recently joined Geo News and started a program ‘Nia Pakistan’ acted so naively and stupidly by interviewing the chief of a banned religious outfit, Ahmad Ludhianvi.

On his stupid or well designed question the host declared minority Shias ‘kafir’ (infidel). The program was being broadcast live and the administration could not cut the objectionable remarks.

Talat who is considered to be a ‘spent force’ in the media industry is desperately looking for a controversy to get his rating high.

His program sparked countrywide protests of Shia community demanding strict action against him and apology from Geo.

Geo today formally apologized and also on behalf of Talat.

There has been a lot of criticism within the organisation on Talat as he acted as a ‘cub anchor’ having no idea how to conduct an interview.

On the other hand, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority seems to be sleeping over such a gross violation of its rules. Talat is accused of spreading hate speech of his controversial guest through his TV channel but the PEMRA even did not bother o issue notice to him and the GEO.

Talat should have shown big heart and apologize to the nation for hurting the sentiments of Shias. If he doesn’t do so then he should better stop preaching on TV and join hands with any of the banned religious organisation of his choice.

Earlier, Dr Shaista Wahdi had let down Geo by committing blasphemy in the honour of the family members of Prophet (PBUH).

While the Geo media group faced an ire and its owner Mir Shakilur Rehman has been booked in about 50 blasphemy cases over her silly act, she had to leave the country to save her life. -Pak Destiny

GEO’s Statement;

The Geo Editorial Board and Geo News Anchor Talat Hussain expressed their profound regrets on Thursday over statements made by a guest on the program ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Keeping with Geo’s editorial policy, the network does not allow anyone to make statements that are damaging towards religious unity and brotherhood.

On the episode of ‘Naya Pakistan’ broadcast on February 22, 2015, a guest made hurtful and objectionable statements. Before and after the program, host Talat Hussain as well as Geo’s management distanced themselves from statements made by the guest. When the program episode went on air as repeat programming, the objectionable statements were edited out.

However after reviewing the program in detail, Geo’s management and host Talat Hussain offer their profound regrets over the unintentional hurt that may have been caused to viewers due to the guest’s statements.

Geo News respects freedom of expression but will not allow it if the price is disturbing the peace and will not allow anyone to deliver hate speech on its platform.

For years Geo has been trying to present Pakistan as a society where individuals with varying point of views can coexist without causing insult to anyone around them.

In accordance with Geo’s policy, the network will not allow anyone to make statements that are detrimental to religious harmony.

Geo expresses profound regrets over the incident, specially to the Shia community that was hurt by the guest’s statements.

In accordance with the ideology of Pakistan’s founding fathers, unity amongst religious sects present in our society and interfaith harmony are the need of the hour for Pakistan’s stability.

Geo aur Jeenay Do. Live and let Live.

Watch this program from 18:15 onwards

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