The Sun’s undercover agent in ‘UK visa scam’ is a former Pakistani journalist of Urdu daily

By Sadia Shah
Lahore, July 26 ( The central character, Mohammad Ali Asad, of the UK visa scam that has engulfed the country over a couple a days, is a former reporter of Khabrain newspaper and the UK tabloid, The Sun, hired him for the sting operation against $6000.
The Sun in its last Monday edition provided details as to how easy it was for a crime ring operating here to manipulate the system for getting British visa.
The paper proudly announced smashing a scam that gave potential terrorists a chance sneak into Britain with Pakistani Olympic team as bogus support staff.
The Sun claimed that its undercover investigator, Asad, managed to get issued a passport on fake computerized national identity card (CNIC).
However, the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) proved it otherwise in its investigation.
“Investigation conducted by NADRA has unearthed the facts in the fake scam orchestrated by “The Sun” in its story titled “Olympic terror visa racket”.
“There was no fraud or illegal activity done while obtaining the CNIC and passport of the Sun “man” Mohammad Ali Asad s/o Mohammad Anwer Siddique. Documentary and video evidence proves that Asad was present for the renewal of his expired CNIC,” the Nadra said.
Sources informed that Asad worked for Khabrain Lahore station before he left for the UK. They said Asad told his friends in media that The Sun paid him $6000 for becoming part of the sting operation against Pakistan. “I had carefully chose Dream Land, a travel agency of notorious human smuggler Malik Bashir, for the purpose,” he wa quoted as having said. When asked does he feel any regret to defame his own country, he said he was also a British citizen.
Asad after finishing the business left for the UK and the poor FIA can not lay hand on him. (

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