Tom Cruise not invited in his daughter’s wedding

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise wasn’t there to walk his adopted daughter down the aisle and neither were the groom’s parents, but the Mission Impossible actor did foot the entire bill of the event, reported Mirror.

Hairdresser Isabella, who was adopted by the Top Gun star and his then-wife and actress Nicole Kidman in 1992, married Max Parker during a low-key ceremony in London. The pair reportedly wanted to keep their special day intimate with just a small group of friends.


Despite not getting an invite, Cruise covered the cost of the wedding and the party which took place at Dorchester Hotel in central London, reports TMZ. The ceremony is said to have taken place at one of the hotel’s function rooms.


Although it appears her mum may have been there — she is currently in London as she stars on the West End, her brother Connor, who was adopted by Nicole and Tom in 1995, isn’t thought to have attended. He has made no reference to the occasion on Instagram or Twitter either.


Australia actress previously opened up about staying in touch with her two children from her former marriage, and admitted technology was crucial.

Nicole recently told DuTour: “I have four children, so to stay in touch with them is very important. I’m definitely engaged through the Internet and technology, but I don’t let it rule my life.


“My husband [Keith Urban] and I never text each other. We never do. Once in a blue moon, we’ll text. But mainly we say, ‘I want to hear your voice’,” Nicole added.

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