Two Journalists beg for jobs in London from PM Sharif

From Our London Correspondent

London, March 31 (Pak Destiny) Two Pakistani journalists literally begged Nawaz sharif to ‘accommodate’ them for their services for the cause of democracy in Pakistan.

Nawaz sharif was in London for 3 days from 25th to 27th of March 2014 after attending a conference of the world leaders at the Hague.

The file footage available with Pak Destiny shows one journalist – Dunya TV’s Azhar Javaid – literally jumping on the back of Nawaz sharif with his file but he was stopped by Scotland yard’s protection officers. The footage shows that Nawaz sharif was safely escorted inside the house of his son Hasan Nawaz sharif.

Not to be disappointed, Azhar Javaid doorstepped Nawaz sharif on the day he was leaving for Pakistan and handed over the same file to him, demanding three jobs – one for himself as PMLN or the government media coordinator for the UK and Europe or induction in Pakistan High Commission in London in the community liaison unit, one for his brother in the FIA and the third for his cousin.

In front of stunned PMLN activists, Azhar javed asked Nawaz sharif that he had worked alongside Nawaz sharif and shahbaz sharif “against Pervez Mushararf and to promote democracy” during their years in London exile. (pictures are available on Azhar vaiad’s website)

Naawaz Sharif asked his secretary to arrange meeting with the Dunya TV journalist. On Friday 28th of March, Azhar javaid left for Pakistan and is set to meet PM Sharif to secure his job. Azhar Javaid wants Sharif to reward him for running their news on Geo TV – for which Azhar worked back in 2006/07.

Not to be left behind, Farooq Shah, who is based in London and once worked for SAMAA TV, also reached out to Nawaz sharif on the same morning as he was about to get into his car. He handed over his file to him for a PTV reporter in London.

Nawaz sharif assured him also that he will give his file to Muhammad Maalick, the new PTV MD.

This just shows the desperation of some journalists who ran news on their channels and for that they were paid wages but want rewards from the Sharifs for this also. -Pak Destiny


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