Unseen part of Nehal Hashmi’s hate speech. Came down hard on PTI,PPP and MQM

Few days back Nehal Hashmi’s short video clip gone viral and cost him is senate seat and PMLN’s postion. In that short clip Nehal Hashmi harshly criticised JIT and warned them of serious consquences.

But remaining part of his speech so far has not been circulated on social media where he came down very hard on PPP,PTI and MQM.
He said :
For Imran Khan and Jemima : “kuch beghairat apni bivion ke pese se ghar banatey hain”
For PPP : “kuch aisey behis aur beghairat log jo qabro pe siasat kartey hain”
For MQM : “aik aisey bhi log hain jo lashon ki borio ki siasat kartey hain”

Lets watch what else Nehal Hashmi has said in his unseen and remaining speech. | PakDestiny

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