Daniyal Aziz’s pitiful understanding and use of Google

Daniyal Aziz has been trying to defend PMLN government since he left Perverz Musharraf or rather since Pervez Musharraf left him. So from the time he joined PMLN he has been vociferously defending PM Nawaz Sharif on all platforms but unfortunately he couldn’t find any place in PM’s cabinet.

Other parties love to hate him due to his hate filled speeches and that’s where one need to control anger or otherwise one will become Daniyal Aziz. Due to the love of Nawaz Sharif or hatred against Imran Khan he comes up with foolish proofs to defend PM Nawaz. Watch this video in which he is saying that “type ‘Legal Meaning of Seems” in google and read the first search result and it says meaning of SEEMS is A JOKE”.

Here is the screenshot of that search result. Mr. Daniyal Aziz please try to read the full sentence in which SEEMS is used.  The full sentence is “Well, it may be a joke; and yet the professor seems very much in earnest about it, “. | PakDestiny

daniyal aziz,google


Watch and listen what Daniyal Aziz is saying on JIT’s using word “SEEMS” :


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