US embassy under fire for coming to ‘rescue’ Zahir Jaffer — brutal murderer of Noor Mukadam — US embassy finds it hard to defend itself

US embassy under fire for coming to 'rescue' Zahir Jaffer -- brutal murderer of Noor Mukadam

By Raza Ruman

The US embassy in Pakistan has come severe criticism for meeting the brutal murderer of Noor Mukadam. What a shame for the US embassy to jump in to apparently providing some relief to it’s citizen.

Qatil (murderer) Zahir Jaffer is also a US citizen. But interestingly the haste the US embassy showed in meeting him raising many serious questions. The US embassy staff met Zahir Jaffer on Monday. The embassy had requested the police for a meeting with the accused as he was a dual national of the US and Pakistan.

Police highups discussed the matter and gave permission to the embassy staff for the meeting, which took place in the office of a senior police officer where the accused was brought from the Islamabad district and sessions courts.
Reacting to the US move, Altaf Shakoor wrote on his Twitter feed: “#ZahirJaffar

Then y #Aafia is not allowed to talk to her family inspite of the fact that she is only a #Pakistani citizen & do not hold US nationality. What our 3D (duffer, deaf & dumb) foreign office is doing? NoorNeedsJustice #NoorMukaddam PasbanDemocraticParty”.

“Right now Ashraf Ghani & #ZahirJaffar must be feeling lonely & Bhai Bhai…”, says Fatima. Shanila says “I feel so done today!! Where we are going towards as a nation? openly harrassing,raping,killing womens not only womens even though animals no shame no regrets!!! It’s someone else today, it can be me,u or anyone else tomorrow, be careful girls(1/2) ZahirJaffar JusticeForNoor”.

“Islamabad is pretty small, anyone who knew #ZahirJaffar knew he was trouble – not as an adult only, even as a teenager. Instead of getting him the needed help at the right time, he was made the CEO of Jaffar Group and basically untouchable. We are sorry Noor, we are ashamed.”

The US embassy in response to severe criticism said: “In a foreign country, U.S. citizens are subject to that country’s laws. When Americans are arrested abroad, the Embassy can check on their well-being and provide a list of lawyers, but cannot provide legal advice, participate in court proceedings or effect their release.”

In the footage received from CCTV, Noor can be seen trying to escape from the house of Zahir by jumping from the first storey and rushing towards the main gate. She hides herself in a guard’s room after finding the gate locked. Later Zahir can be seen breaking into the room and dragging her back into the house.

Let’s see if top guns and embassies like the US do not influence this case to provide relief to billionaire Zahir Jaffer or Jaffer and Sins (sons). PAK DESTINY

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