After blatant comments on PM Imran Khan and agencies, Hamid Mir seeking his future in America

After blatant comments on PM Imran Khan and agencies, Hamid Mir seeking his future in America

By Irum Saleem

Here you go. Finally banned anchor Hamid Mir spoke his mind and told the world which it already knows. “Democracy in Pakistan is in name and Prime Minister Imran Khan is a helpless premier,” Mir told BBC Hard Talk. Do we not know about this or do we?

But anyways since his interview Mir is taken to cleaners by most social media users as it was one of the top trends on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Journalism is a very honorable field but some people try to use this as a power politics tool. Hamid Mir thought he would never be sacked, but his bias had become so obvious that his channel was glad to find an opportunity to sack him. Bitter ex is the best way to describe him,” says Jibran Ilyas. He further said: “You program was one sided because you didn’t challenge him on any proofs, you let him make accusations .. fair enough, your program, your rules … but this was #SoftTalk, very little substances and you could totally see the case of a disgruntled employee”.

Activist Ammar Jan said: “Mohsin Dawar’s CNIC blocked. Hamid Mir banned from TV. Journalists/students abducted in broad daylight. Professors fired from jobs. Death threats against Afrasiab Khattak & Farhat Ullah Babar. Dissent is viewed as treason in Naya Pakistan. We are heading towards one-party state.”

Hamid Mir responded to tweets and said: “Imran Khan gifted me his autobiography with his autograph. Imran Khan himself wrote about the role of the military establishment and the role of the ISI in his autobiography in very clear words he wrote “no politician can defeat establishment “

Ijaz Chaudhry said: “Hamid Mir is not banned in Pakistan but was kicked out by his own channel Geo due to his low rating which was disliked by the people for his Unnecessary obligations and statements against the Pakistan Army and state institutions. Then later he apologized.”

Let’s see when Hamid Mir joins his family in the US. Remaining active on Twitter seems to be the only option for him at the moment. PAK DESTINY

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