Veena gives birth to a baby boy 8 months and 28 days after marriage, raising eyebrows of fellow actresses

By Moniba Ali

Lahore (Pak Destiny) Veena Malik gave birth to a baby boy yesterday exactly 8 months and 28 days after her marriage with Asad Khatak.
The couple got married on Dec 25 last year. Since Veena remained a controversial girl throughout her career and had a number of sex scandals, especially with Ashmit Patel, with whom she talked about sharing the bed, some of her colleagues are questioning the timing of her marriage and period of giving birth to a baby boy. “It appears that Veena rushed to get married after her series of scandals in India with Khatak in Dubai for ‘some hidden reason’,” an actress of Lollywood who is rival of Veena told Pak Destiny.
She said its quite a coincident that Veena got “pregnant on the first week of her marriage”. Earlier, Veena before marriage always avoided the talk of having children. “In the industry we are wondering as how Veena conceived a child just after getting married,” she wondered.
Pak Destiny by the way congratulated Veena for her son Abram. – Pak Destiny

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