Veena Malik takes on judiciary, returning Pakistan in Dec to face law

By Iram Salim
Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Bold actress Veena Malik who has been sentenced to 26 years of imprisonment by an anti-terrorism court of Gilgit Biltistan not only severely criticised Pakistan judiciary but also announces returing to Pakistan to face law.
Presently in Dubai, Veena said: “I am shocked to hear the news. I want to tell that I had not control over any television content that was aired. How could Pakistani court award such a harsh sentence to us. We were just a part of the show, where our mock marriage was organised. Later, footage was made out of it and circulated. And some 100 FIRs have been registered against us now.”
Veena said she along with her husband would return Pakistan in the first week of December to face law. “We are going to file appeal in the superior court,” she said.
“I have been recovering from C-section and the doctors have asked me to rest for three months. So, we will be visiting Pakistan in December, once I am fit.
“We are born Muslims and all I can say is that we have not done any mistakes. We are innocent and that is why I am going to Pakistan to face it. It is not a blasphemy in any way. There is no truth to it. And the moment you attach Veena Malik’s name to anything, it becomes international. Thus, these people have tried to create a controversy out of the whole thing,” she said.Pak Destiny

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