New Footage Leaked : Kashmala Tariq’s staff thrashed Matiullah Jaan and his crew

Video Leaked : Kashmala Tariq’s staff thrashed Matiullah Jaan and his crew. Rameeza Majid Nizami of Nawa-i-Waqt Group tweeted details of this incident which took placed after taking interview of Kashmala Tariq by senior journalist Matiullah Jaan.

Here are Rameeza Nizami’s tweets on the incident. Rameeza Majid Nizami twitter handle (@RameezaNizami)

Ms Kashmala Tariq ordered her staff to take team’s telephones, camera equipment, and footage of the interview. @Matiullahjan919 took the footage and kept it with him. He was punched, his jacket was torn, and he and the @Waqtnewstv team are being physically restrained in F8.

Footage of @Matiullahjan919 and @Waqtnewstv team being forced back into Ms Kashmala Tariq’s office, as they try to leave. The police, as you can see, seems rather helpless. I think they have been restrained by Ms Kashmala’s staff along with our team.

Ms Kashmala Tariq gave time to @Matiullahjan919 for an interview. Whole interview recorded, sign off recorded. When the @Waqtnewstv team were getting up to leave Ms Kashmala Tariq summoned her staff and told them not to let our team leave with the footage. They’re still there…

It’s been two hours, and @Matiullahjan919 and @Waqtnewstv team are still being restrained at Ms Kashmala Tariq’s office. We had asked them to leave and report back to the office. But they are not being allowed to leave. Would Ms Kashmala Tariq plz call off her goons?

Sad, that educated persons at important positions still resort to violence as a way to impose their will. It’s embarrassing, frankly.

Ms Kashmala Tariq was invited to even review the interview, and to see if she found any content objectionable. Yet, she ordered that the team “will not leave with the footage”. On refusal to hand over video, she ordered her staff to attack our team and forcefully take the footage


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