#ViralPics : Farooq Sattar has now become Altaf Hussain Part 2

Farooq Sattar “Bhai” and MQM have been awarded many new names on social media. Many interesting pictures circulating on break up of PSP and MQMP. Few calling Farooq Sattar a mini pack or sachet of Altaf Hussain due to following his “Rahbar”‘s footsteps and taking UTurn on resignation.

Here are few viral pictures on Karachi’s current political scenario. | PakDestiny

The famous dialog from movie Dewaar now fits on Farooq Bhai



After taking back resignation so quickly people are now forgetting even Altaf Hussain

You may see new sign of UTurn on the roads of Karachi from now on

Farooq “Bhai” ne toh Altaf “bhai” ko bhi rula diya


Final reaction of Altaf Hussain on MQM-PSP “Breakup”


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