Waqar Younis helped Indian Team by dropping Immad Wasim

By Sarmad Ali

(Pakdestiny.com) Pakistani Team coach Waqar Younis and Shahid Afridi should share the blame of Pakistan’s humiliating defeat to India as both characters failed to read the Kolkata wicket and missed out the only specialist spinner – Immad Wasim.

This decision cost the Pakistani team an all important match against India. It is not clear whether Waqar Younis dropped Immad or Afridi. But seeing the past record of Waqar as he remained suspected match fixer it seems to be his ‘handy work’.
The Pakistani team also did not play aggressively. It was a meek surrender. Rather shameful. So Waqar helped the Indian team indirectly by dropping Immad Wasim. PakDestiny

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