Watch Meera’s item song for Bollywood movie ‘Bumper Draw’

Pakistani actress Meera had apparently shot for an item song for the Indian movie Bumper Draw.

Pakistani actress Meera is always full of surprises, whether it be her tendency to showcase her linguistic flaws or her leveling accusations at fellow actress Mahira Khan. However, most recently, the latest Bollywood flick Bumper Draw features an item song from the actress. What’s surprising about this is the fact that she never quite disclosed to the media that she was heading to India and filming an item song, for that matter! Check out Meera busting some serious dance movies in the video below:-

Meera can be seen shaking her leg and grooving quite boldly to the upbeat song. Bumper Draw features stellar Indian actor and comedian Rajpal Yadav and Zakir Hussain. The song has been sung by the famous Indian singer Mamta Sharma. Mamta is also the voice behind famous Bollywood hits such as Munni Badnaam, Tooh, Fevicol Se and Anarkali Disco Chali. The name of this song, to which Meera has grooved, is Lukkhe Baray Aate Hain. 

It seems like Bollywood is not tired of the controversial Pakistani actress and does keep on calling her from time to time. Meera is currently focusing on starting her very own philanthropic project; a hospital she plans to open in Lahore which will cater to the poor and the needy. For this very purpose, she has campaigned for funds and donations.

Most recently, Meera was accused of fraud when play director Zawar Baloch accused her of absconding with Rs. 0.7 million after agreeing to play the lead in his play. When contacted, Meera had denied the accusation completely and said that she had left with the consent of the play’s cast and crew.

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