Meera with her superb English skills : Asked journalists its their ‘religious duty’ to listen her

Pakistani controversial actress Meera has asked journalists to listen and write carefully about her feelings.

According to local media reports, Meera said challenging roles in films always fascinated her to prove herself as a good actress and to prove that she was ready to accept every on-screen competition and challenge. She said she always promoted positive thinking and the only platforms to judge anyone’s performance were films. Meera said her critics despite indulging in verbal war should focus on her acting.

She added, for the journalists it is their ‘religious duty’ that they listen to her, Meera while talking about her charity hospital said she was still waiting for land identification for her hospital in Sialkot city. As per reports Meera complained that her project of building a hospital has been left unfinished because the businessman who promised to give the land had gone back on his word.

Recently, she had done charity campaigns in US and other European countries for her hospital. In the upcoming charity campaigns for hospital some Indian actors and actresses are in her contact and will participate in the campaigning including Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra, she furthre claimed.

Meera has always stolen the limelight with her back to back controversies; recently she criticizes a Pakistani talented actress Mahira Khan on her acting skills. -BR

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