Wateen CEO fired, paid for his links with Hindu lobby

By Raza Ruman
Islamabad, July 23 (Pak Destiny) Chief Executive of Wateen Telecom Naeem Zamindar on Wednesday was fired for his association with an anti-Islamic NGO Art Of Living and financial mess of the company.
Wateen Telecom has reportedly been facing huge loses ever since Naeem joined
the company as CEO in 2010. Last year, the company incurred a loss of Rs18 billion, while, its Wimax business is also facing a huge loss of Rs. 150 million in its WiMax business.
The decision was taken in a board meeting today in Abu Dhab as a result of his links with the Hindu lobby working against Islam.
The Art of Living headed by an extremist Hindu Sri Ravi Shankar. Zamindar was the head of Pakistan chapter of the AoL.
Sources in telecom industry told Pak Destiny that Zamindar was being promoted as Ravi Shankar’s disciple by ‘Flare Magazine’ editor Zubair Kasuri.
Mr Kasuri who once remained a contributor to the Jang group promoted Zamindar in local media after charging ‘hefty amount’ from him.
Sources said Mr Kasuri is also accused of using the name of Jang/The News to blackmail telecom companies. The Jang group has already disowned him after his blackmailing surfaced. – Pak Destiny

Note: The Jang group earlier had sacked Zubair Kasuri. But of late he has been reinstated after intervention of an influential guy in the group. Here is the news story after that Jang group had initiated action against him.

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