Alishba Haroon

Marriage is a bond between two individuals to make a happy living. Throughout the subcontinent marriages often result into everyday quarrels. It is well said, Anger always comes from frustrated expectations. Considering this, our Asian women expect their men to be the richest and generous men of the world.
Wives, mostly Asians, have got an urge that their husbands should earn more than they can even spend and it’s a fact no one can compete a shopaholic wife in spending or showering money.
Moreover a man should never admire the qualities of other women in front of his wife expect if he himself wants his house to be transformed into infernos. Women of subcontinent also expect their men to go blind and overlook the qualities of other ladies and keep on flattering their wives for example if a man have a lady with normal complexion , his wife expect him to say in front of other ladies that she is white as snow. She wants her husband to come on time from work and be punctual, a man however tries to fulfill this wish of her . Looking forward when he gets back home on time , expectations are increased her women expects him to cure her headache ,leg pain and stuff. As a result man considers to stay at office a better idea. Conclusively if he even tries to place heavens in front of his wife she would criticize it too and will always give precedence to the things that others acquire.
The seed of ‘doubt’ inculcated in women should not be ignored. No matter how loyal or perfect a man is towards fulfilling the right of his partaker , if she hears any other person backbiting about her husband as in, he was seen with his secretary laughing and sharing stuff, the lady will forget all the good acts of her husband and his endeavors in satisfying his wife goes in vain. Without thinking for a mint she would hold malice against his trustworthiness. Some women have this disease at such an extent that if they even hear their husband sneezing they would raise questions to it. The right given for four marriages in Islam for men is not considered rightful in the eyes of the subcontinent ladies. As a result Asian men are subjected to compromise with the only lady.
Secondly some females also want their men to withdraw with their ability to take decision and handover all the situations to them. They also anticipate their men ,not to criticize their choice of opinion and do as they want, In other words be puppets.
May our lord help us to confront the ‘ anger’ of a women. Yes, another evident point , when a wife is angry JANNAH becomes inevitable for that husband.
I agree women of Muslim worlds are given vital position and respect. But it has also been declared that men have been bestowed with more will power than women. Men must respect his wife and should fulfill their desires but to a limit. To make a consensus with their wives before concluding to a thing is must but a man also do have his own brain of acknowledgement , if the wife’s point dominates his, yes then wife’s suggestion must be considered if not then men should not hesitate in taking his own step.

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