Why Lollywood divided over Saif Ali Khan’s anti-Pakistan statement

Different Lollywood personalities seem divided over Saif Ali Khan s statement after his latest flick Phantom was banned in Pakistan on plea of Jamaatud Dawa s (JuD) Hafiz Saeed.

Film actor Nadeem on Friday has said that Indian superstar Saif Ali Khan is a Muslim and his anti-Pakistan stance hints being under-pressure. Nadeem urged the Pakistani filmmakers to showcase movies that are in accordance with respective culture and are not influenced by India.

On the other hand, Lollywood actress Sana stepped up to support Khan in the matter. She said that Shan Shahid’s call for ban on Mawra Hocane is unjust and should be condemned.

Earlier, Mawra Hocane had tweeted allegedly in favour of Phantom and urged the people to go and watch the movie. She recieved flak for her tweets as social media users denounced her act. In the matter, Waar star Shan Shahid called for a ban on Hocane for her anti-Pakistan statement.

Later on, Hocane cleared her stance saying that she is vey much a patriotic person and loves her country however, art should not have boundaries. She criticised Shan saying that as an elder and experienced actor he must have a supportive approach towards aspiring talents instead of calling for bans on them.

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