Why Modi revokes special status of Kashmir? Because he is a Muslim-hater, believe people in Pakistan and India

By Raza Ruman

   What prompted Indian prime minister Narendra Modi to scarp special status of Indian-held Kashmir? There have been different opinions.    

Those who know Modi well are of the view that revoking Article 370 (means no more autonomous status for Kashmir) was a purely a brainchild of Modi as his whole party is not with him on this issue. This act has not only re-affirmed the earlier notion about him that he was a butcher of Muslims in Gujrat but also has established that he is Muslim-hater.    

After returning to power this June sources believe that Modi had made up his mind to go ahead with this controversial step purely on his hate for Muslims. Modi knew well how he could bleed the whole Muslim sentiment through this. Some moderates in his BJP had warned him of a Muslim and international backlash but he did not bother.    

As condemnation is pouring in especially from Pakistan, India’s major opposition parties like Congress have also taken the BJP to task on this decision.     

“This is not the Indian democracy we have cherished for more than seven decades,” tweeted Congress leader and former Indian foreign minister Shashi Tharoor. “The assurances that successive rulers of India, including those of BJP, have given the people and leaders of Kashmir and the international community now stand torn into shreds.”  

“What you are doing today sends a very very wrong signal to all the states of this country,” wrote his Congress compatriot P Chidambaram on Twitter. “You think you have scored a victory,” he said. “You are wrong and history will prove you to be wrong,” he warned earlier in a speech in the Indian parliament. “Shameful that you have turned Jammu and Kashmir into a non-entity by making a lieutenant governor there, so that you can appoint even a peon or a clerk, sitting here [in New Delhi],” said Rajya Sabha opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad.   

“Doing it unilaterally like this, without consultation with Kashmiri people, political parties or without taking it through parliament, this is against the very essence of the [Indian] constitution,” the Economic Times quoted Indian Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh as saying.  

“It’s a dark day for Indian democracy,” he added. Renowned Indian lawyer and constitutional expert A G Noorani was more blunt in his condemnation.

“It is utterly and palpably unconstitutional. An unconstitutional deed has been accomplished by deceitful means,” he said.

 Pakistan’s Reaction 
    All major political parties both in the government and opposition strongly condemned the Modi government’s decision to revoke the special status of occupied Kashmir.     

Pakistan Muslim League’s Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Pervaz Elahi and Moonis Elahi said occupied Kashmir Insha- Allah will ultimately become graveyard of the Indian army.

   “United Nations should not remain a silent spectator against India after its resolutions on Kashmir being tattered into pieces and take immediate and result-oriented measures for stopping genocide of the Kashmiris and getting its resolutions implemented,” Moonis Elahi said.    

He said all countries signatories to the UN Charter and particularly Islamic countries and organizations to realize their responsibilities regarding safeguarding human life and property in occupied Kashmir and do not give freehand to Modi government through their silence. “Immediate medical facilities be provided to Yasin Malik and all Hurriyet Kashmiri leaders be released,” Mr Moonis demanded and said PML is standing shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan government and the armed forces in any action against Indian aggression. “Entire nation should brush aside all their political and other differences in this hour of trial and become rock like wall for defence of Pakistan and safeguarding rights of the Kashmiris.”      

Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that the butcher of Gujrat has now become butcher of Kashmir as he has revoked special status of occupied Kashmir.      

“Pakistan will have to expose this butcher Modi and the entire world knows that he is a terrorist. Pakistan should raise Kashmir issue on every international forum. This Indian act is an attack on Kashmiri people. The entire Kashmiri leadership has been arrested.”      

PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif also condemned the Indian government’s controversial decision and urged the Muslim and friendly countries to intervene. Pak Destiny  

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