Wrestler Khali vows to take revenge from Body Steel after coming into senses

Before this is what happened during the wrestling match:

Nainital: Due to beaten badly at the hands of Canadian wrestelr Body Steel the former  India’s world-renowned  wrestler Khali got injured and had to be transferred immediately to a hospital.

Indian media reported the event in a sports Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in the city of Haldwani in Uttarakhand famous wrestler Dalip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali foreign wrestlers were participating in an exhibition match with three foreign wrestlers suddenly found broad rain had been attacked and fists and chairs on which they could not recover and fell. but Khali’s fans tried to save him from wrestlers.Khali received serious injuries were transferred immediately to a nearby hospital where he is being treated.

That is how Khali got injured by Body Steel and other wrestlers

Khali was injured on the head and back injuries, Luckily all are external injuries But so far there is no hope that he will recover soon.

The 44-year-old world-renowned wrestlers from the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh broad and he had the distinction of winning the first w e heavyweight championship professional wrestling in 2007, when the previous broad Punjab Police Department I used to work.

And today he vows to take revenge

Earlier Khali was badly injured by Body Steel and other wrestlers  and he was taken to hospital in a state of coma , Khali covered in blood, he was unconscious, and as he come to the senses vowed take revenge from Body Steel.

Steel Body ? I challenge you and will take revenge”  said Khali

After Severe Head Injuries, Khali Wants Revenge

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