Yellow metal and Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s very private wedding

By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) One interesting thing to notice in Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s very private wedding – Anushka was adorned by yellow metal (gold) and diamond.

But this is the way in marriages in India and Pakistan. So she is not an exception.
Recently, their wedding planner revealed what was their return gift to guests who made it to the extremely secretive wedding in Tuscany, Italy.

A better way for Virat and Anushka would have been to marry in India and open a VIRAT – ANUSHKA CANCER HOSPITAL with all modern amenities. This would have made their love immortal for all the 1000 years to come.

The wedding planner reportedly revealed that Virat and Anushka are extremely spiritual people and a lot of people don’t know this about them. Anushka reportedly wanted everything to be about growth and prosperity and therefore, the whole wedding was inspired by the idea of an overgrown garden. The planner also claimed that Virat and Anushka are big fans of Rumi and his poetry and thus they decided to hand out an anthology of his poems as a take-back present for all the guests. Pak Destiny

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