Yet another major goofup of Imran Khan… demolition of Punjab Governor’s House wall

By Iram Salim

As one goofup is not over of the PTI government and PM Imran Khan another follows on almost daily basis. The debate on hen and egg … a great idea of Khan to improve country economy … has not yet over as PM Khan has ordered to demolish Lahore Governor’s House boundary wall.

Is this man sane or he thinks he can shift the people attention to the real issues through such bongees or goofup.
What a terrible idea… demolishing of the wall for what reason.  This man really needs psychiatrist.

Let break Governor’s House Punjab wall and all major issues the masses are facing today will be resolved.
Why a big salute is not made to the new prime minister.

Give him a big round of applause for making great decisions… hen and egg economy… demolition of walls of imperialism. Pak Destiny

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