Zardari unleashes Capital TV on Imran Khan

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Pro-PPP channel – Capital TV – has shunned its neutrality and started targeting PTI chairman Imran Khan vehemently, discarding him and his sit-in.
Switch on Capital TV these days and you even will find news and program anchors passionately criticising Khan along with the guests from PMLN and PPP.
Sources said Ahmed Riaz Sheikh, the owner of Capital TV and friend of PPP co-chairman Asef Ali Zardari, has received some special instruction about Khan from his friend. That is the reason on the change of the policy of the Capital TV.
It would have been better if the Capital TV could ‘un-tag’ PPP’s tag and evolve as impartial channel. But unfortunately, following in the footsteps of Geo and ARY, it has also become a party. – Pak Destiny

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