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Islamabad, Oct 24 (Pak Destiny) Malala Yousufzai may face blasphemy charges in coming years for her controversial comments on blasphemer Salman Rushdie and Ahmadis in her book – I am Malala. Those who have gone through her book have raised serious questions and fear that she may face blasphemy charges whenever she chooses to return…

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By Muniba Ali Lahore, Dec 8 (Pak Destiny) Infighting among the members of the Lahore Press Club has brought the institution in disrepute. Ahead of 2014 club election, the LPC has been in the spotlight as its administration has suspended the membership of some ‘rival’ group’s members thus triggering a controversy. The fight between the…

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By Anam Fayyaz   Polling stations officially closed at 6pm after a “huge” turnout in Punjab, capping a dramatic day that saw bomb attacks kill 12 in Karachi and gunmen shoot dead six in the southwest. More than 86 million people were eligible to vote at 70,000 polling stations for the 342-member national assembly and…

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Raza Ruman Islamabad, April 2 (Pak Destiny) PCB chairman Najam Sethi will have to see ‘Bookies’ link in Pakistan’s defeat to West Indies in T20 World Cup match. There is a glaring question – who ensured the place of out of form Kamran Akmal and Shoiab Malik – in the team. The names of Akmal…

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