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Indian Journalists were not served food at a PM’s dinner in Lahore

By Qadeer Ahmed

Lahore, Jan 8 ( PPP is known for its mismanagement as Indian journalists were not served food at a dinner reception at the Governor’s House here on Tuesday.
A good number of journalists from India are here to attend Safma conference in Lahore.
The prime minister gave them dinner reception at the Governor’s House but as he left after addressing the delegates the food was served.
To much surprise of many the food was finished as most guest delegates left their seats to have it.
Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira then rushed to kitchen and found huge quantity of food stored there which the governor’s house employees wanted to take homes, said a source.
However, those present at the venue at 10.30pm got the food eventually after Kaira’s intervention.
But a good number of guests had left meanwhile. PPP zindabad.” Indian journalists are here to attend South Asia Free Media Association. An Indian journalist asked SAFMA secretary genera Imtiaz Aalam no to embarrass his forum on such petty issue” – PakDestiny

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