Zardari has made PPP the ‘PPP-N’ after voting for PMLN’s candidate for NA speaker

By Raza Ruman
Islamabad, June 3 ( PPP and PML-N ‘mukmaka’ badly exposed in Punjab Assembly speaker and deputy speaker elections.
The PPP shamelessly voted for the PML-N candidate for speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq. Earlier, PPP had nominated Yousuf Talpur but later withdrew him in favour of PML-N candidate.
The PPP earlier shamelessly has been alleging the PML-N that it had rigged the elections. Instead of making efforts for joint opposition the PPP is acting as ‘niku’ (subservient) to PML-N.
The PPP 38 MNAs will also vote for Nawaz Sharif on June 5.
“President Zardari should better merge PPP with PML-N and beg Sharif for second term in presidency,” a PPP jiala (diehard activist) told Pak Destiny.
After this development, the PPP has accepted its role of ‘B Team’ of PMLN and Imran Khan’s PTI will be the real opposition.
The PPP workers are utterly disappointed over Zardari’s ‘childish’ politics. It is well said that Gen Zia could not destroy PPP in years while Zardari has successfully sent it packing.
Todays PPP is going to be PPP-N. Pak Destiny

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