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Martial law threat is looming in the wake of the PMLN government and army face off on Musharraf trial

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, June 25 ( A threat of martial-law is looming in the wake of a face off between the PML-N government and army on the former’s decision to try Gen Pervez Musharraf under treason charges.
Though apparently Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has taken a ‘bold’ decision but his party members are not fully comfortable with it, anticipating that the Musharraf saga may turn out be a full fledged tension between the government and the army.
Political analysts are of the view that if Musharraf’s humiliation by Iftikhar-led judiciary during the treason case touches some ‘other people holding sacred positions’ things will not be the same as Mr Sharif is expecting.
The outcome of the case may lead a tussle between the three institutions – government, judiciary and army – and who knows the much fragile democracy be wrapped up once again.
The spectators are anxiously waiting to see the play. – Pak Destiny


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