2018 Polls day comes — neck to neck fight in Punjab between PTI and PML-N — will it be finally Imran, Shahbaz or someone else for PM slot?

By Kiran Bokhari

(Pak Destiny) Finally the day has come for the people of Pakistan to decide who will rule for next five years. Will it be Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif or a surprised candidate for prime minister slot?

Political pundits coming up with different analysis but Punjab will decide whether it is Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) or Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N).

Exit polls however are favouring PTI to emerge the largest party after July 25 polls, followed by PML-N. Punjab will however be a strong battle ground where there has has been a close contest. Many predict like 50:50.

The Gallup Pakistan predicts in its Tuesday’s survey that PTI will emerge as the largest party on the national level followed by PML-N

It says “12 per cent undecided voters may tilt the balance of the election in Punjab, the country’s largest province, thus ultimately determining the fate of the next federal government.”
“There is a considerable display of judicial and para-judicial activity culminating in arrests, disqualifications and judgments which cause concern among all key contestants, except the front-runner of the polling data, PTI,” Gallup Pakistan says. It calls it “poll of polls”.
Some of key findings of the survey of polls conducted between May 1 and July 11 ahead of the 2018 elections and collectively surveying nearly 22,000 respondents are as under.
A neck-and-neck fight has been observed between the PML-N and PTI, with 12pc of still undecided voters contributing to uncertainty
With a lead in the national vote bank, PTI is expected to emerge as the largest party on the federal level, following closely by the PML-N in terms of vote

1: PML-N will likely lead in terms of vote, but with a single-digit margin with PTI

2: PML-N will likely emerge victorious in central and western Punjab

3: PTI will probably lead in South Punjab on account of anti-PML-N votes.

4: A tough contest between the two parties is likely in North Punjab, but PTI is likely to be ahead in votes PPP will continue to dominate Sindh PTI is forecast to continue its lead in KP A coalition of parties is likely to form a government in Balochistan


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