Sitting in London Reham Khan is feeling for Nawaz Sharif and cursing for Imran Khan

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) Former wife of Imran Khan has come out in favour of Nawaz Sharif chiding her former hubby for treating the three-time premier not with respect and deny him best medical treatment.

Sitting in London she is feeling for Nawaz and cursing Imran.
Reham tweeted: “Does the world know or care how the self proclaimed democratic new government of Oxford educated playboy darling of Western socialites treats political rivals?

Nawaz Sharif is disqualified. Why not allow him medical treatment?
How insecure can one be”.

She is burning in her hatred against Imran who is enjoying the premiership sitting in the PM House. He never gives a damn to anything, he is there to serve as boggy man for the Sharifs and Zardaris.

Let’s see if he is given any other task by those who pocked him for this coveted post. Pak Destiny


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