PIA Airways — What’s in the name

By Raza Ruman

(Pakdestiny.com) A new organisation, Pakistan Airways, has been registered as a ‘premium service subsidiary’ of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).
Will PIA be a new airlines with the just change of name? Many doubt. Nothing in name, what Shakespeare said. Hope the PML-N government also knows this and take some practical measures to lift it.
Secretary Privatisation Commission Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera last week confirmed the government’s intent to move ahead with privatisation of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).
“Currently, it is under consideration to bifurcate PIA into core and non-core businesses. The core business will comprise PIA flight operations, landing and handling, kitchens, training and education, engineering and healthcare, which will be handed over to the strategic investor,” Mr Sukhera said, adding that the non-core business, such as real estate and hotels would not be handed over to a strategic partner.
Opposition to the sell-off was intense. PIA employees in early February went on protest after the government refused to accept a four-point agenda proposed by the Joint Action Committee of PIA employees and put off privatisation.
PIA has around 30 planes and 19000 employees. And its facing a loss of Rs320 billion. On the other hand the government has yet to announce any bail out except to change its name… wonderful. — Pakdestiny

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