Why Hamid Khan said ‘goodbye’ to PTI Panamagate case?



By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) lawyer Hamid Khan’s dissociation from the Panamagate case has triggered a controversy that as why he said goodbye… is PTI going to meet another big failure after this development?

“I have disassociated myself from the Panamagate case on my own because it has become difficult to work freely and independently in such a hostile environment,” Hamid told Dawn. He said the media have created an environment in which a lawyer cannot carry out his professional work properly.
“It appears that we are answerable to the media, not to the court; the media are not following their ethical code or principles of journalism,” Mr Khan said adding anchorpersons and reporters were even examining the evidence – assessing the quality of evidence was the responsibility of the court.
“The media also highlighted certain remarks of the judges while omitting other observations, which is inappropriate… In such an environment, no professional lawyer can argue in such a high-profile case with a free mind,” he said.
But is this a real reason behind his separating himself of the high profile case because of media hype… one will hardly believes this.
Many in the PML-N and PTI circles believe that Hamid quit because the PTI did not have enough evidence as he could not bear more ’embarrassment’ in the court. This sounds more logical reason… Isn’t it? – Pak Destiny

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