92 News anchor Moeed Pirzada faces serious allegations from fellow journalist Ahmad Noorani

92 News anchor Moeed Pirzada serious allegations from journalist Ahmad Noorani

By Raza Ruman

Investigative journalist Ahmed Noorani has levelled a strong allegation on 92 News anchor Dr Moeed Pirzada.

Noorani said that Pirzada who was caught in UAE hospital for getting thumb impression of his dying father. Later he was released.

Noorani also alleged the murder his mother before the death of his father in Azad Kashmir. He even claimed that this can be confirmed from the Azad Kashmir police.

Pirzada who is doing ‘Hardtalk’ show on 92 News is apparently targeted by Noorani who is in the US for taking on journalist Asad Toor who was beaten by unknown persons.

Pirzada said: “This has been turned into a “Journalist Vs State” issue because this man, Asad Toor, if questioned by FIA can not explain his objectionable comments against a woman; let us not be fooled by this “Journalist vs State” drama! All non sense, total diversion!”

He further said: “This irresponsible man was issued notices by FIA on a private complaint by a woman for intimidation; all he needed was to delete his objectionable video & apologies; he has turned that into a “Journalist” vs “State” issue. Is he defending his right to make videos against women?”

Pirzada in his another tweet said: “Despite being a Muslim society, men in Pakistan find themselves free to utter all kind of trash & obscenities against women. Unlike traditional media, social media runs without any checks & controls, so there is need of new laws to protect the vulnerable including “women”.

Let’s see if Pirzada responds to Noorani’s serious allegations directly. PAK DESTINY

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