‘A devil’s advocate’

Islamabad, Dec 29 (www.pakdestiny.com) Pro-Taliban journalist Ansar Abasi has urged the government to accept the Taliban’s proposal, acknowledging its prows.
The Taliban’s advocate reminds us of the flick – ‘A devil’s advocate’.
The killers of 6,000 Pak army soldiers and officers and 30,000 innocent people of this country now want peace with their terms, what a shame.
And journalist like Ansar Abasi is advocating him, what a shame. Had this (Abasi) lost a dear one to the bullet of Taliban then he would rhave ealised the ‘brutal nature’ of the people he is today advocating.
So we suggest Abasi should better continue his other ‘jobs’ instead looking for another contract from Taliban. – (www.pakdestiny)

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