A Pakistani company brings fame to the country

A Pakistani company brings fame to the country forbes highnoon

By Raza Ruman

 Forbes — a US based business publication offering class leading content on finance, investment and marketing topics — has featured Highnoon Laboratories Limited in its Best Under a Billion 2022 list for the third time.

   Highnoon – a trusted healthcare partner for millions of people is a brand known for quality and wide-ranging therapeutic solutions.

     It ranks among the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan and the only one from Pakistan to have received such an international recognition from Forbes (2021-22)

  Highnoon Laboratories Limited (PSX: HINOON) was once again included in this year’s Forbes Asia “200 Best Under a Billion.” Forbes Asia’s “200 Best Under a Billion” aims to honor high-performing Asia-Pacific listed companies, selected from a pool of 24,000 companies. This is the third time that Highnoon Laboratories Ltd has been included in the Forbes list for Highnoon’s composite ranking that includes sales and profit growth, low debt levels and robust governance.

   The selection ensured a geographic diversity of companies from across the region.

   The final list features 200 exceptional small and mid-sized companies from Asia Pacific and in this round, only 2 Pakistani companies made it to the list.

Mr. Tausif Khan, Highnoon’s Chairman marks this acknowledgement: “We are delighted to stand among the success stories of the Asia Pacific region for the third time. We dedicate this accomplishment to the individuals of our company who do their best to be the best.  We remain thankful to the health care professionals for their confidence, and we value our business partners for the enabling. We will continue to focus on providing products that enrich life by improving clinical outcomes.”

About Highnoon Laboratories Ltd.

Highnoon Laboratories Limited was incorporated as a private limited company in Pakistan in 1984, converted into a public limited company, with its stock listed with Pakistan Stock Exchange since November 1994. The company is principally engaged in the manufacture, import, sale, and marketing of pharmaceutical and allied consumer products. Right from its inception, alliances with some of the best-known research houses of the global pharmaceutical industry were established by Highnoon. These alliances coupled with aggressive marketing has enabled Highnoon to become the fastest growing pharmaceutical in the last five years. PAK DESTINY

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