10 years on: Highnoon’s resolve to help Thalassemia patients undeterred

10 years on: Highnoon's resolve to help Thalassemia patients undeterred

By Nazim Malik

It is a story of celebrating 10 successful years of ‘Patient Facilitation Programme at Highnoon Laboratories Ltd, thanks to untiring efforts of it’s staff and owners.

Highnoon Laboratories is one of the fastest growing pharmaceuticals in Pakistan and among many other CSR initiatives that the company has taken in the couple of decades, Patient Facilitation Program (PFP) has been one of the most successful ones. PFP was conceived for helping the community get better healthcare avenues.

Highnoon Thalassemia patients

Over the years, Highnoon has been actively working as an ally of healthcare professionals to serve patient needs via this program, not only for Thalassemia patients but also for patients of various other illnesses.
For Thalassemia patients, besides providing Deferiprone to the vulnerable communities, financial assistance is being provided to NGOs to upgrade Thalassemia clinics directly or indirectly.

This initiative has not only adopted multiple Thalassemia centers but is also backing different thalassemic societies such as Pakistan Thalassemia Welfare Society, Fatimid Foundation, Sundus Foundation, Thalassemia society of Pakistan-Lahore, Help International Welfare Trust among others.

Moreover, Highnoon’s PFP has donated millions of Feripro (Iron Chelating Agent) capsules as well.

These contributions have been widely applauded by the medical community. Dr. Imran Maqsood Butt, Medical Advisor at Highnoon commented: “I am proud of all the efforts being put in by our team for the sanitization of doctor’s clinics and hospital. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire field force for helping us out in running PFP smoothly and their contribution in arranging medical screening camps for blood pressure, cholesterol, lung function and blood sugar etc. along with free-of-cost medicines across Pakistan for needy patients is exemplary.”

Following the success of PFP, Highnoon vows to contribute even more with healthcare practitioners all over Pakistan so that the overall quality of health services can be improved.

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Highnoon Laboratories Limited was incorporated as a private limited company in Pakistan in 1984, converted into a public limited company, with its stock listed with Pakistan Stock Exchange since November 1994. The company is principally engaged in the manufacture, import, sale, and marketing of pharmaceutical and allied consumer products.
Right from its inception, alliances with some of the best-known research houses of the global pharmaceutical industry were established by Highnoon.

These alliances coupled with aggressive marketing has enabled Highnoon to become the fastest growing pharmaceutical in the last three years. Their registered office is situated at 17.5 Km, Multan Road, Lahore.
To learn more please visit: www.highnoon-labs.com. — PAK DESTINY

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